Yachts and Marinas

SEAPORT Engineering acts as Project Leader/Works director within the framework of projects relating to the creation of new structures as well as the refurbishing of existing river or maritime marinas and harbours.

When the project concerns the creation of a new marina, we become involved immediately and provide active assistance to the contractors/clients.  The SEAPORT Engineering teams accompany the client from the feasibility studies stage, providing advice according to their wishes including carrying out all the required pre-project studies, the DCE (Mission AVP, PRO, DCE) and monitoring of works progress through to completion and reception (Missions VISA, DET, AOR).

Exemple : Coupvray Pleasure Marina – Val d’Europe agglomeration (mooring capacity of 100 births)

Coupvray Marina

SEAPORT Engineering is also a key player in the renovation of existing ports and marinas be it within the framework of projects to save old ports in a delapidated condition or projects involving the extension or deepening.  We thus contribute to prolonging the economic utility of such ports. In close collaboration with our Clients and with a total respect of their constraints, we propose lasting solutions and ensuring an execution of the project with the lowest possible impact regarding the continuing operation of the port during works (phasing works, carrying out works during periods of lower occupation …. ) 

Example : Port de La Vigne – Lège Cap Ferret